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High Times is the first level of Alien World Order in Duke Nukem 3D and takes place in Amsterdam. The map features a street with a river and one of the city's famous "coffee shops," a euphemism for cannabis dispensaries.


Secret 1: Elevator to the roof

From the start of the level, take a right-turn out of the alley. Turn right into the next alley. Along the right-hand side, there is a white section of the wall. Pressing the "use"/"open" key near this section of wall will cause an elevator in the ground to raise to the roof of the adjacent building. The roof is considered the first secret area on this level.

Secret 2: Cash register

In the Little Green Man Coffee Shop, press the "use"/"open" key while facing the far right cash register. Across from the cash register, a bookcase at the bottom of the stairs will temporarily lower. Quickly move into the secret alcove behind the bookcase before it closes.

Secret 3: Ventilation shaft in the coffee shop

Inside the coffee shop, go up the stairs on the left. At the top of the stairs, look up and shoot the vent in the wall. Go through the ductwork and exit onto the roof.

Secret 4: High beneath the water

After flipping the switch in the room filled with cannabis smoke, proceed to the outside area and walk around the fountain. Continue in a circle around the fountain until the decorative ponds change from water into toxic waste. Jump into the toxic waste and emerge beneath the walkway that separates the two decorative ponds. Although physically impossible, Duke will emerge between two walls of water into an open room, apparently meant to convey that Duke is high and hallucinating.



Duke Nukem 3D-"Damn,I'm Good"-100%-E5L1-High Times(All Secrets)


  • The final area of the level features the non-Euclidean "720-degree circle" trick first seen on Lunatic Fringe. In this case, the trick is meant to convey that Duke became high after inhaling cannabis smoke in the coffee shop.
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