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Here Comes Santa Claws is the seventh level in Duke: Nuclear Winter. It is also the final level of the expansion.


In addition to an outside area; the main features of the level include the warehouse and a large shed; the large shed is full of boxes containing toys and it also has the Access Card that will grant access to the warehouse. Most of the level takes place in the warehouse. The warehouse as it's name suggests is used as a storage facility; notable areas in the warehouse include a large party room and an office supposedly containing Santa's  secret  plans. Once you make your way to the office in the warehouse Santa will threaten to kill you; the climax of the level involves going outside and defeating Santa; Santa will be waiting for you near the start of the level.


Secret 1[]

When you drop into the sewer you will come to a cross-roads about midway through. If you turn to the right you will see a crack in the wall, blow it open to expose the first secret. Contains: Atomic Health

Secret 2[]

When you get in the warehouse and grab the red key you will find a room full of Christmas trees. If you use the wall on the left, you will uncover secret #2. Contains: Shrinker, 2 x Shrinker ammo

Secret 3[]

The final secret can be grabbed when exiting the warehouse. Fly up to the section of a fake wall, which is near a tree and sewer entrance, and go through it. It can be distinguished by frozen icicles on its surface. Contains: RPG, Portable Medkit

Achievements (Megaton Edition only)[]


I've Got Balls of Snow: Completing the level on any difficulty will yield this achievement.


  • The music that plays when a player completes a level can be heard playing in the party room.
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