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Master Chief's helmet

The helmets in Duke Nukem Forever are Easter eggs hidden throughout the game. Each helmet is based on the protagonist from another popular first-person shooter. The helmets cannot be worn, but if all three helmets are discovered, then the "Bucket Head" achievement is unlocked.


Master Chief

Master Chief is the main character in the Halo series.

Master Chief's helmet can be found in the back of the armored vehicle at the very beginning of Vegas in Ruin.

Isaac Clarke

Isaac Clarke is the main character in the Dead Space series.

Isaac Clarke's helmet can be found on The Hive. After passing through the second door of the level, take a sharp left turn to find Clarke's corpse and helmet in a short, dead-end tunnel.


Psycho is a character who is often featured on the front covers of games in the Borderlands series. His helmet is the most carefully hidden of the three, and it is unlikely to be discovered during casual playthroughs.

To find Psycho's helmet, swim to the location where Duke first plants explosives on Blowin' the Dam. While facing the site of the explosives, turn to the left. Swim through the first overpass to the next stream of oxygen bubbles. From here, do not swim straight ahead. Instead, turn left again. There are no oxygen bubbles in this direction, but there is a floating corpse with a spotlight shining on it. Swim into the debris to the left of the corpse. Swim to the top of the debris. Inside the debris, emerge from the water. Psycho's helmet is found within this air-pocket beneath the overturned debris.



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