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Heavy Draks

A Heavy Drak is an enemy in Duke Nukem: Time To Kill. It looks similar to the standard Draks Duke will encounter except they are purple and are armed with a Gatling Gun. These enemies still have the mobility of the regular variant despite their considerably heavier armament.

Game manual description[]

"The Firepower behind the Aliens. Like their smaller cousins the Draks, the Heavy Draks are swift and fearless, but they are both larger and meaner. Armed with the Gatling Rifle, they are used to destroy heavily defended targets and to support Drak assaults."


A heavy Drak is a lizard like purple/crimson humanoid Alien.They don't really take much more punishment than their smaller cousins and with the right choice of weapons they can be taken down quite easily, but their real strength lies in their firepower as they are armed with a Gatling Gun which could still mow the player down with horrifying efficiency if they aren't careful. Due to their armament they can be likened to the Assault Enforcer from Duke Nukem 3D.


They can be easily detected by making any type of noise (i.e. jumping, bumping into a wall, firing a weapon) as they will make a short, distinct hiss, announcing their alarmed state. This strategy is especially useful on higher difficulties and works with Pig Cops as well.