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Hard Rain is the third level (as of v4.0 onwards) of the "New Invasion" episode of Alien Armageddon.


After Duke Nukem and Bombshell narrowly escape from the destroyed city center, a separate attack completely wipes out the EDF's defense grid, as well as a whole other section of the city! After learning her objectives via laptop at the top level of the Improbable Mission Facility, Bombshell must brave the destroyed, flooded concrete jungle and solve this mystery (as well as add a few dozen more alien kills to her name). Hope she likes swimming.


Secret 1: A Real Hangup[]

From the hallway at the start that connects the foyer to the big break room, take the door to your right, clear the enemies and head down the stairs to the computer panel room, also full of enemies. Open the monitor screen with a mustachioed Superman on it to find a secret room with an Atomic Health, M4 Carbine magazine and some other interesting easter eggs.

Secret 2: Underwater Hideout[]

During the underwater portion of the map, find the "Forbidden Videos & Books" store that is full of Octabrains. While facing the front of the store, head to your left around the building and keep swimming straight ahead until you get to an octopus just minding it's own business; the building to the right of it has a fake wall that can be swum through (specifically, the upper portion of the brown wall closest to the surface). Do so to find a secret hideout with Armor, and ammo for both the Shrinker and the Babifier (as well as some more pop culture references!)

Secret 3: Flying First Class[]

After using the Blue Key boat, scale the building the boat takes you to, clear off all the new enemies, and circle around the top of the building you're on to finally find your trusty Jetpack. Once you have that, fly over to the roof of the building in the second screenshot to find another Jetpack, Large Medkit, Armor, and Incinerator Ammo.

Secret 4: "How wude!"[]

Immediately after the previous secret, fly back to the building you started from (that had the Assault Commander on it when you scaled the building from the Blue Key boat), then immediately fly up to the upper part of the adjoining building seen in the second screenshot. There is a crevice up there that can be ventured into; do so, and you will find an Atomic Health and a rather unfortunate resting place of a certain Star Wars character.

Secret 5: No TV, No Party[]

In the Dukai Sushi restaurant, head inside, clear the enemies, then go behind the hostess desk to find a switch on the bottom of it. This switch opens a window just outside the restaurant. Head inside it to find a Small Medkit, ammo for both the Double G and M4 Carbine, a stack of coins, and a certain scary, black-haired, TV-loving girl.