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Hard Landing is the fourth episode in LameDuke. It has four levels, making it much shorter than the other episodes.


E4L1 appears to correspond to an urban city-block, densely packed with Troopers and Captains. Parts of the map experiment with scripted explosions that result in damage to walls and ceilings. This level also features unusual reflection effects that do not appear anywhere in the final game. Notably, this is the first level to feature the Sonic Resonator, which was not fully scripted and could not be picked-up off the ground.


E4L2 consists of a small hallway. As soon as the player begins walking, the walls begin exploding, while the hallway crumbles. After jumping through a second-story window into a plain yard below, nothing else happens. Unlike other levels in LameDuke, this level appears to have been intended only as a proof of concept.


E4L3 is a somewhat undeveloped space-themed level. The Sonic Resonator makes its only other appearance on this level.


E4L4 appears to be another iteration of E4L2 but with a slightly different yard outside the exploding building.

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