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Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy is the second level of Duke Nukem 64. It is adapted from Red Light District in Duke Nukem 3D, but it has been significantly modified to satisfy Nintendo's adult content standards. It gets its name from the fact that the pornography store from Red Light District has been converted to a gun store.

In contrast with Red Light District, Gun Crazy contains a secret exit to Duke-Burger.

Although it is actually the second level of Duke Nukem 64, Gun Crazy is considered Level 1 in the game's level numbering scheme. It is preceded by Hollywood Holocaust and followed by either Death Row or, if the secret exit is found, Duke-Burger.

Secret Exit to Duke-Burger

The secret exit to Duke-Burger can be found after reaching the upper floor of the warehouse, behind the garage doors of the Duke Burger loading bay. If you stand on top of the first box in this hallway, then it will briefly open a hidden compartment containing a secret exit button that leads to Duke-Burger.

GC Secret Exit

Secret exit. The regular exit button is down the path on the right.


There are 8 secrets on this level.

Secret 1: Gun Store Bathroom

In the gun store bathroom, press the "use"/"open" button while facing the hand-dryer in order to open a secret compartment containing Night Vision Goggles.

Gun Crazy 1

Secret 2: Gun Store Magazine Bookshelf

In the main room of the gun store, press the "use"/"open" button while facing one of the middle shelves of magazines in order to reveal a secret compartment containing Armor and Pipe Bombs.

Gun Crazy 2

Secret 3: Dum Dum Rounds Behind The Gun Store Counter

Behind the counter in the gun store, press the "use"/"open" button while facing the gun poster above the shelves in order to reveal a secret compartment containing Dum Dum rounds.

Gun Crazy 3

Secret 4: Atomic Health Behind The Gun Store Counter

In the corner to the right of Secret 3 above, jump on top of the shelves and press the "use"/"open" button in the corner of the ceiling in order to reveal a secret compartment containing an Atomic Health.

Gun Crazy 4

Secret 5: Hidden Hallway In The Gun Store

After opening the locked door inside the gun store, take a right-turn before stepping onto the elevator (it is easier if you have the Night Vision Goggles turned on). Down this dark hallway, you will find a lit area containing a secret Atomic Health.

Gun Crazy 5

Secret 6: Sewer Access

After using the yellow access card to enter the back rooms of the Duke Burger, head into the bathroom adjacent to the room with the pool table. Jump over the toilet seat (or destroy the toilet seat) in order to reach the back wall of the stall. Press the "use"/"open" button while facing this back wall in order to open a hidden passage. Follow this passage into a secret sewer tunnel.

Gun Crazy 6

Secret 7: Night Vision Goggles In The Warehouse

Behind the garage doors in the Duke Burger loading bay, there is a secret ledge with a set of Night Vision Goggles. This ledge is above the switch that opens the garage doors, and it can be reached either by skillfully jumping from the adjacent ledge or by using the Jetpack.

Gun Crazy 7

Secret 8: Portable Medkit In The Warehouse

After reaching the upper floor of the warehouse behind the Duke Burger loading bay, you can open a lighter section of the wall between two boxes, and you will find a secret Portable Medkit.

Gun Crazy 8


There are 3 women to be freed on this level. In the game, these women are known as "babes."

Babe 1: High Ledge Above The Street

In the outdoor area of the level, use the Jetpack to reach a high ledge on the white building, beside the building that you demolish after using the blue access card. (You can find a Jetpack on this level in the passage connected to the sewer in Secret 6 above.) You will find two captive babes behind an "Innocent?" billboard.

GC additions 3

Babe 2: Also The High Ledge Above The Street

Another captive babe can be found right beside Babe 1 above.

Babe 3: Sewer Tunnel

At the end of the sewer tunnel from Secret 6 above, a captive babe can be found in the middle of the stream of toxic waste.

Gun Crazy babe

Changes from Duke Nukem 3D

Gun Crazy gets its name from the fact that the pornography store from Red Light District has been converted to a gun store.

GC storefront

"Si Koe's Gun Boutique"

GC Gun Store 1

Main room inside the gun store.

GC Gun Store 2

Back rooms inside the gun store.

In addition to the gun store, the entire strip club has been converted to a Duke Burger restaurant. The bar inside the strip club is now a fast food kitchen, and the main showroom containing strippers is now an outdoor loading bay, which contains a delivery truck, stacks of boxes, and a small office.

GC Kitchen

Fast food kitchen.

GC Loading Bay 1

Outdoor loading bay.

In the office, a vent in the wall (the same vent that was found in the strip club) now leads to a warehouse that is concealed by garage doors instead of curtains.

GC Loading Bay 2

View of the loading bay from the office area, with the air vent in the wall above the desk.

Although the warehouse is largely unchanged from the attic in the original version, standing on a newly placed box in the warehouse will reveal a secret exit button that leads to Duke-Burger, the first secret level of the game.

GC Secret Exit

View from atop the new box in the warehouse, which momentarily reveals the secret exit button. The regular exit button is down the path on the right.

Although it is only a minor change, the Pig Cops no longer blast their way through the ceiling in the hallway with the red access card panel. Instead, they blast their way through a door with an "Employees Only" sign above it. The room behind this door is tiny and completely empty.

GC employees only

"Employees Only". Pig Cops blast through this door when Duke approaches.

In addition to these cosmetic changes, the level has also been expanded. A completely new area of the level has been added to accommodate the dining area of the restaurant.

GC additions 2

Completely new dining area inside the restaurant.

This new dining area is accessible via doors that have been added beside the flaming trash can, directly across from the elevator at the beginning of the level. Outside the elevator at the beginning of the level, there is now a chain link fence running across the top of the concrete wall on the right-hand side. Visible on the other side of this chain link fence, there is an inaccessible subway station. This subway station is a new area that has been added to Rabid Transit and is accessible later in the game.

GC additions 1

View of the restaurant entrance, directly across from the start of the level. An inaccessible portion of Rabid Transit can be seen through the chain link fence on the right.

Lastly, a new building (previously an out-of-bounds empty lot) has been added beside the detonated building, and a small ledge on this new building hosts two captive babes, who can only be reached using the jetpack.

GC additions 3a

This new building cannot be entered, but the cement ledge near the bottom and the balcony near the top can both be reached using the jetpack.

See the Levels (DN64) page for a complete list of Duke Nukem 64 levels and their differences from the PC version, including screenshots.


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