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The Grunt is an enemy in the Duke Nukem 3D Duke: Nuclear Winter expansion.


The Grunt is a female, green elf that wears a Santa hat, a black top, grey combat trousers and combat boots. She also carries dual Uzis. There is also a much rarer variant of the Grunt that appears to be armed with dual rapid fire shrinkers; there are no visual differences between it and the standard grunt.

Combat Analysis[]

Though they don't really take that much punishment, as one shot from the shotgun, or even a few shots from the pistol is enough to kill them, which means they don't take much more punishment than the Assault Trooper; however, what it lacks in health, it makes up for in firepower with its dual Uzis, as one Grunt can still take quite a lot of health from the player in quick succession, so it means they are especially dangerous in groups owing to their firepower.

They constantly fire at the player as long as they are able to and the strength of their dual Uzis appears to be equal to or stronger than the weapon the Enforcer uses, but the fact that the Enforcer will only fire for a bit, then move or look at Duke with suspicion, then spit before firing again (see enforcer article) means that the Grunt could do more damage in a shorter time than the Enforcer because it relentlessly fires with no breaks of any sort in between; the only time it stops at all is if the player gets a certain distance away. When killed they will sometimes drop a green present.

This elf is considered to be more dangerous than its Groan counterpart because of its higher rate of fire and quite possibly being able to inflict more damage overall; like its counterpart this enemy makes no sounds whatsoever; the only thing the player will hear is its weapons being fired which means it could potentially catch the player off-guard. The rarer variant armed with the dual rapid fire shrinkers is even more dangerous as it can be quite hard to avoid being shrunk which obviously means the player could be killed quite quickly; even so they are no match for the shotgun just like their standard brethren.

Weapon effectivenesses
Mighty Foot
5 kicks
7 shots
1 shot
Chaingun Cannon
7 shots
1 rocket
Pipe Bomb
1 bomb
1 blast
4 shots
2 rockets
Laser Tripbomb
1 mine
3 shots
  • The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • The Mighty Foot is only really a bad choice because of the amount of damage the elf could inflict before being killed otherwise it would be considered a good choice


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