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Golden Carnage is the sixth level of Alien World Order in Duke Nukem 3D and takes place in San Francisco. It features the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point.


Secret 1: Engine room

Inside the second submarine labeled "USS Frisco," a section of the back wall can be opened, revealing a secret room.

Secret 2: Inside the vertical beam

After flipping the switch inside the USS Frisco, go up the ramp you created onto the bridge. Head toward the starting area, and jump off the vehicle to reach the raised support section for the bridge tower. Head to the East side (closest to the submarines) of the bridge tower, and hit the use key against the red tower to access a secret room.

Secret 3: Crack behind the start of the level

After riding the boat back to the start of the level, take the elevator up to the raised platform. At the opposite end of the platform, there is a crack in the canyon wall. Blast through the crack to find a secret area.

Secret 4: Left of the Blue Access Card Panel

At the blue key door, turn left and hit the use key to open up a room with a Portable Medkit.

Secret 5: Crack near the Fort Point sign

There's a cracked wall behind the vehicle near the Fort Point sign. Destroy it and jump inside.



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Easter eggs

The names and numbers on each of submarines on this level all contain subtle references:

  • 1500 - USS SANTA CRUZ - Allen Blum, the level's designer, was born and raised in Santa Cruz.
  • 0690 - USS UCK - "69 You Suck"
  • 5757 - USS FRISCO - 5757 Main St., Frisco, TX is the address of Gearbox Software's headquarters.
  • 80486 - USS PENTIUM - The Intel microprocessors 80486 and Pentium.
  • 1969 - USS SGT PEPPERS - The 1967 music album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles. In 1969, there was an interview by John Lennon saying he was depressed at the time of the recording, an homage by the band King Crimson, the rumours that Paul McCartney was dead, the alleged clues in the album's artwork that also made the album to return to LPs chart.
  • 3.0 - USS B - USB 3.0
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