Going Down is the 2nd level of The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


  1. Take a good look around, and wait for the elevator to stop. Once it stops, head through the city, and look at the big monitor to the right. Listen to Dr. Proton.
  2. Go straight forward, and ignore the doors. Before you enter the doors, turn left. Climb down the ladder.
  3. Move up the stairway until you see pipes that move across the side of the building. In the wall, there should be an air duct entrance. Shoot the vent to destroy it, and enter the air duct.
  4. If this gets too stressful, pick up the rat to the left for fun. Shoot the vent to the right, and keep moving until you reach a destroyed hallway.
  5. Shoot the extinguisher on the wall to put out the fire. Move through the doors, and pick up the ‘Expander’.
  6. Exit through the doors, and be ready to kill some enemies. Move across the platform, and continue killing everything. When you reach the end of the platform, a big enemy will attack.
  7. Take cover, and keep shooting him until he is defeated. I suggest using an RPG. Move through the door he was near, and enter the room with the dead bodies.
  8. Move through the second set of doors, and get ready for the next part.
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