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GloppOids are mutated flies that now serve in Mech Morphix's mutant army after being mutated by G.L.O.P.P. There are two variants of this enemy in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. The two variants spew three blobs of G.L.O.P.P. at a time to damage Duke Nukem. They don't really take much punishment but they can do significant damage if left unchecked. Duke will first encounter lv1 variant in the fourth chapter Unholy Underworld, and the lv2 variant in sixth chapter Tanker Trouble. Apart from the head colours both variants are almost identical and because of this it can be quite hard to tell them apart from each other.


GloppOid lvl 1[]


A maggot like pale colored fly. Duke will encounter this variant in a secret area (to get nukes) located in the level 2 of the Episode 4: Unholy Underworld. Though the enemy doesn't take much punishment; his ability to spit three G.L.O.P.P blobs can be rather nasty as each G.L.O.P.P blob can do 20 damage and the fact that he can fly might make it a bit difficult to hit him. Whether the shots hit the player or not they will temporarily leave a puddle of G.L.O.P.P ; each one will also do 20 damage if the player walks on them. Unlike most of the enemies in the game this enemy has no close combat attacks. Sometimes when killed this enemy will drop G.L.O.P.P ammunition.

GloppOid lvl 2[]


The GloppOid lvl 2 looks like the lvl 1 GloppOid except they have a black head instead of pale. Like the lv1 variant this one also spits out three G.L.O.P.P blobs that do 20 damage and like the first variant each shot will temporarily leave a puddle of G.L.O.P.P ; these will also do 20 damage if the player walks on them. The only real difference between this variant and the first is that it can take more punishment. He sometimes drop's G.L.O.P.P ammo when killed. Like the 1st variant he has no close combat abilities either. This variant with the black head is presumed to be the level 2 variant because the boss at the end of Tanker Trouble is also a GloppOid and has the same appearance and any boss that looks like a common enemy tends to have the appearance of the strongest variant.

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