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Duke and the GatorOid boss right before facing off with him.

The GatorOid Boss is the second boss in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. His appearance is the same as the level 3 GatorOid and the only real difference between him and the Level 3 variant is his much higher health which makes him a lot more dangerous.


Duke will encounter him in the third part of the second episode "Chinatown Chiller" outside Club Ming. After a brief talk, the fight begins. The tactics for beating him aren't much different from the normal GatorOids but his significantly higher health does mean a lot more caution when avoiding his attacks as well. Like the standard Level 3 variant, his Uzis do about 4 damage per shot but he can relentlessly fire in quick succession so the player should stay on the move as staying still for too long will prove fatal. His karate kick does 16 damage which means the damage values are exactly the same as the standard Level 3 variant.

In addition, like the level 3 variant he also does kung fu maneuvers like small kicks jabs and punches on the player, if they get close enough to him; each close combat attack does about 4 damage; however it's done so fast that the player can lose quite a bit of health.

To all intents and purposes he is exactly the same as the Level 3 variant except for his much higher health. The environment the fight takes place in consists of a few platforms the player can jump to take a breather, as well as get some ammunition. However, if the player gets on the platforms above they need to be aware that the boss can jump up there too to continue the fight. The only place he cannot get to is the long platform at the top of the building to which the player can get to by climbing the ladder on the far right platform. There's also a 100+ plus ego pack to the right of the higher platform in case the players dangerously low on health. The Assault Rifle is a good choice to use against this opponent as he is quite vulnerable to it.

When Duke defeats him the Boss will say "The fortune cookie didn't say anything about this! You will never take me alive! If this doesn't kill you, the bombs in the subway will!", before blowing himself up in an attempt to kill Duke, which ultimately fails, leaving Duke completely unscathed. Afterward, he advances to the subway station (Metro Mayhem).


  • Along with the Cockroach Queen this boss is another not to be directly killed by Duke since he blows himself up in hopes of taking Duke with him while the Cockroach Queen is crushed by a train, respectively.

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