The Garter Pistol is a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever available only in Multiplayer.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Garter Pistol is a unique weapon available for players only in multiplayer, in modes Capture the Babe and Hot Potato. It is given to the player wherever he grabs a Holsom Twin during these games and cannot be changed unless the player successfully delivers the babe to his base or dies. It is an ornamented, one-handed revolver that may look feminine (it is indeed the gun that Holsom Twins have equipped on their garters) and weak, but is in fact a deadly weapon as one accurate shot immediately kills the enemy player (even when the damage he receives is reduced by the use of Steroids). Its major drawback is the slow rate of fire and very slow reload time, but given the specifics of when this weapon is equipped, it comes with infinite ammo.

It is worth noting that players using it cannot throw Pipe Bombs or Tripmines but can collect them as well as other powerups (besides Double Damage and Invincibility), but they cannot collect any other weapons. It is also used to achieve the "Tiny but deadly" multiplayer challenge.

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