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Fusion Station is the fourth level of Lunar Apocalypse in Duke Nukem 3D.


Secrets 1: Hidden tunnel in the wall

After riding the elevator down to the room with the mashing pistons, walk around the pistons to the opposite side of the room. Across from the pistons, jump onto the platform with the Laser Tripbombs. The middle section of the wall along this platform is slightly indented. Opening this indented section of the wall will reveal a hidden tunnel. Step into the tunnel to claim the first secret.

Secret 2: Ledge inside the hidden tunnel

Upon entering the tunnel from Secret 1, turn left and walk to the Protozoid Slimer Egg. Jump to a hidden ledge above the egg to find some Pipe Bombs and the second secret.

Secret 3: Ammo to go with that Chaingun Cannon

In the room with the mashing pistons, there is a red crawlspace connecting two of the pistons on opposite sides of the room. In that crawlspace is a Chaingun Cannon, but that is not the secret. To claim the secret, open the wall behind the Chaingun Cannon to reveal a secret compartment with Chaingun Cannon ammo inside.

Secret 4: Freezethrower near the turbines

In the room with the spinning turbines, activate the underwater switch that opens the elevator. Emerge from the water and go to the security monitor behind one of the walls surrounding the turbines. Upon stepping behind this wall, a timer is activated. Immediately go to the opposite corner of the room to find a compartment that has been temporarily opened. Inside the compartment is a Freezethrower.

Secret 5: Inside the column by the Protozoid Slimer Eggs

After crossing the floating bridge by shooting the button, open the door. Inside, there are several connected rooms full of Protozoid Slimer Eggs. In the room on the left, there is a green column in the far left corner. Opening this column will reveal a secret compartment with Armor inside.

Secret 6: Above the exploding hallway

In the first hallway that automatically explodes when the player enters, it is possible to climb some of the rubble along the right-hand wall in order to reach the overhead bridge. To claim the sixth secret, simply step into the silver shaft that connects the two overhead bridges.

Secret 7: Crack beside the captive woman

From Secret 6, proceed to the overhead bridge with the woman entangled in slimy alien vines. On the right-hand wall beside her, there is a crack in the wall. Blast through the wall and step into the resulting hole in order to claim the seventh secret.


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Duke Nukem 3D 100% Walkthrough- Fusion Station (E2L4) -All Secrets-


The fastest way to complete this level is to bring a Jetpack from a previous level. Upon reaching the first bridge over the lava, fly to the left, directly to the door with the Battlelord's face on it.

If the level is being completed as part of an individual level (IL) run, the current strategy simply involves following the normal route through the level. However, the lava-filled chasms are crossed by jumping while using the SR-50 technique, rather than shooting the switch or acquiring the Jetpack.


  • In contrast with the PC version, Duke Nukem 64 features the Protector Drone for the first time on this level. The Protector Drone then makes sporadic appearances on many of the subsequent levels in Lunar Apocalypse and Shrapnel City.
  • At the short steel-caged passageway through space, it is possible to exit the corridor by crouching near the entry door and crawling to the right. Falling into space, however, is deadly, except when using the God-mode cheat.


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