The Freeze Ray, or Freezethrower is a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever.


The Freeze Ray resembles and functions like the Freezethrower, but with a few differences.

The Freeze Ray fires a cold beam at enemies. If an enemy is hit by the beam for long enough, they will be frozen solid. Once frozen, Duke will then be able to shatter the enemy with a melee attack, projectile attack, or execution. The beam appears to have a maximum range of about 20 feet, and as such it is useless against any enemies that are farther away than that. The Freeze Ray's ammo refills over time.

Executions can be performed by walking up to the frozen target and pressing the use key if they are standing up. If the enemy is frozen but knocked over this cannot be performed. The achievement "Freeze Well!" is tied to this weapon. If an execution is performed, the player will be invincible and will recover all ego upon finishing the execution.

The Freeze Ray should not be used underwater as it will backfire and freeze Duke.

Extra Mode: Duke Nukem 3D Freeze RayEdit

After completion of the game, the player has the option in the Extras menu to turn the Freeze Ray into having characteristics of the Duke Nukem 3D version. In this form the ice shots are projectiles, will bounce off objects, and deal significant more damage. In this form the ammo will not refill automatically, although switching it back to the DNF Freeze Ray will allow ammo to recover again.

The firing rate of this version is slower, unless the button is rapidly clicked for increase shots. Using this tactic it makes the Freeze Thrower to become a very powerful weapon. It becomes easy to freeze enemies in a few clicks to perform executions, then quickly freeze the next due to the ego recovered and the high dps even in swarms of enemies.

It is much easier to freeze enemies solid for executions with this version.

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