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The Forklift is a vehicle in Duke Nukem Forever which Duke uses on the level "The Forkstop".

The Forkstop[]

Duke first uses the Forklift at the start of "The Forkstop" Level and uses it to mow down a series of enemies to progress further into the Hoover Dam in order to meet up withGeneral Graves.

Duke also uses the forklift a 2nd time to lift himself up onto a balcony to progress to the Generator Room in the Hoover Dam. The Forklift is also the tool needed to find the secret love barrel which is used to unlock the secret closet full of weapons and ammo at the end of the level.

The Doctor Who Cloned Me[]

The Forklift is also used in the DLC level "Drunken Crane Master ".Duke uses a magnet crane to pick up the forklift and move it to the other side of the map so he can use it to progress further.