This page refers to a scrapped weapon from early prototypes of Duke Nukem 3D. For other uses, see here.

The Flamethrower is a scrapped weapon that appeared in early prototypes of Duke Nukem 3D.


Although the Flamethrower was scrapped from the final version of the game, code for the Flamethrower can still be found in the beta v0.99 prototype. An analysis of the prototype reveals that the Flamethrower would have caused enemies to switch to a darker palette and become slightly larger when hit by the Flamethrower's projectiles. When killed, enemies would have died as normal, but a flame effect would have appeared over their corpses. The message “COOK ‘EM GOOD!” would have momentarily appeared at the top of the screen when the Flamethrower was fired.

Information from the 1995 prototypes

Before the beta v0.99 prototype was released in January 1996, the Flamethrower could also be seen in screenshots from the 1995 prototypes.

One screenshot from the June 1995 prototype shows the Flamethrower on Dark Side, moments after firing at a Drone from LameDuke. This is the only screenshot to show flames produced by the Flamethrower; the flames appear scattered on the ground around the Drone. This image is also notable for featuring a blue light atop the weapon. Subsequent images show a red light.



Another screenshot appears to show the Flamethrower in front of the bar on E1L6 of LameDuke. This screenshot, which was also released in June 1995, shows the Flamethrower with a red light. However, this Flamethrower still lacks the frosted edge around the rim of the cannon, as seen on the Freezethrower in the final release. It can be inferred that this image came after the previous image because all subsequent images use the red light.



Two screenshots from the November 1995 prototype also show the Flamethrower. The image on the right shows that the Flamethrower corresponded to weapon slot number 8 in the HUD and could carry up to 99 ammo. The image on the left is from an early build of Warp Factor. The location of the image on the right is not known.

As can be gathered from these screenshots, the Flamethrower's first-person weapon sprite was recycled for the Freezethrower in the final game, though frost was added to the rim of the cannon. Given that the weapon still appeared as late as beta v0.99 in January 1996, the switch to the Freezethrower must have occurred very late in development, since the final game was released April 1996.

Reprisal in the 20th Anniversary Edition


The Flamethrower has been revisited in subsequent Duke Nukem games. Most notably, Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour introduced the Incinerator, a new weapon inspired by the Flamethrower.

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