The Firefly Trooper is an enemy introduced in the Alien World Order episode of Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour. They sometimes drop Incinerator ammo when killed.

The Firefly has the least appearances of any regular enemy in Duke Nukem 3D, only appearing in High Times, Mirage Barrage, and Golden Carnage.

Description Edit

The Firefly doesn't take much punishment but it is still a deadly opponent at close quarters. It is armed with an Incinerator that can kill the player in seconds. The Firefly also has the ability to make itself smaller to make it easier to sneak up on the player and, like the Assault Trooper, it also has a jet pack; however, it only uses this when it makes itself smaller and harder to hit.

Appearance Edit

It is quite similar to the assault trooper in appearance. The most notable visual differences are the green eyes and the white torso armor.

Combat Analysis Edit

It is armed with an Incinerator, which is very lethal against the player and arguably makes the Firefly Trooper one of the deadliest opponents in the game especially in groups. However, their health is comparable to an Assault Captain which means the player can kill them in a single shot with the Shotgun. The Shrinker does not work on this enemy.

They also possess the ability to make themselves smaller to try and sneak up on the player; while in this mode they will fly around with a jet pack and cannot be hurt by any weapon other than explosives such as the RPG. Generally, they are a much greater threat to the player if they drop their guard.

It is also worth noting that when they are killed by any weapon other than an explosive, they will turn red before exploding so the player should step back to avoid being caught in the blast, as this can do considerable damage.

Screenshots Edit

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