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The Feminist Elven Militia also known as the Female Elven Militia or FEM are a new enemy organization in Duke: Nuclear Winter that was presumably formed sometime after Duke last defeated the alien forces; the Elves are presumed to be former helpers of Santa Claus but it's never directly stated in the game, or it could be also possible that the Feminist Elven Militia are the females enforcers of the alien army which was composed solely of male aliens with the exception of the Alien Queen. Their base of operations is in the North Pole.

When the aliens Duke Nukem defeated last time come back for revenge with a new plan to take over the world by brainwashing Santa Claus the Feminist Elven Militia join the aliens to help them with their plot. They appear to have various snowmen under their command as well. The origin of the snowman-related enemies is unknown, but they are presumably rogue snowmen that were once among Santa's helpers in league with the Feminist Elven Militia, or they could be ice mutants created by the alien army to aid them against Duke Nukem. It is unknown if the snowmen were always alive, brought to life by alien technology, or magical means.

The Elves in the Militia are among the most frequently encountered enemies and they have access to rapid fire shrinkers, Uzis and shotguns. Every new enemy in the expansion with the exception of Santa Claus appears to have its origins within this organisation. Of note, the alien forces the Feminist Elven Miliitia is helping appear to be weaker than when Duke last defeated them, as quite a few of the tougher aliens are absent which could be because Duke had taken down the alien leaders just a year before, as well as destroying a significant amount of their force, so the Feminist Elven Militia in this case would not have among the toughest enemies in the game since aliens, such as the Battlelord Sentry are not present, while the Militia has Frosted Battle Mobiles as well as other things; though in game terms, it's mainly because a lot of the original enemy sprites had to be replaced to allow the newer enemies to be included in the expansion.

Forces of the Elven Militia[]



  • Oddly enough, even though they are called the "Feminist Elven Militia", none of their members ever express any ideology even remotely related to feminism.
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