Fahrenheit is the seventh level in Shrapnel City in Duke Nukem 3D.


  1. If you go into the apartment you'll see a painting above the sofa and when you open it a turret will be behind it; yet again another nasty surprise from Levellord. When you take out the turret go into the area it was in to get the freezethrower. Note: That this secret will have two Turrets on harder skills and none at all on the easiest skill so you may or may not have to face a turret at all.
  2. The second secret is also in the apartment and of note if you use night vision against the darkened wall in the apartment you'll see the message "Blast the bottles" which gives you a hint about the secret. Anyway on the shelves there are bottles and glasses that you need to destroy to get to the second secret. Do this by any means you consider the best but explosives like pipebombs are the quickest and easiest. Once they're out of the way go through the back of the shelf and you'll get the second secret as well as a portable medikit.
  3. Nothing too special about this secret as you have to get this one no matter what because this is where the Red Access Card is but nonetheless the most important secret in the level in terms of level progression; anyway this secret is behind a metal door in a small room in the radio station.
  4. The last secret is in the broadcasting room; if you go through the red curtain you'll be given the fourth secret as well as some freezethrower ammo and an atomic health.

Walkthrough Edit

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Duke Nukem 3D 100% Walkthrough- Fahrenheit (E3L7) -All Secrets-

Duke Nukem 3D 100% Walkthrough- Fahrenheit (E3L7) -All Secrets-

Easter EggsEdit

  • The microphone at the radio station can be used by going there and pressing the "use" key. Duke will utter "This is K-T-I-T! K-TIT! Playing the breast, er, the best tunes in town!"
  • The fire truck has the number 451 on its side. This is a reference to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.
  • The courtyard with the crates has a huge "GUILTY!" billboard, which is a reference to the OJ Simpson trial.
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