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Cycloid Emperor in FM4X

FM4X is a four-part mod by Fernando Márquez that was created for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. Released over the course of 16 years from 2004-2020, each of the four installments replaces one of the episodes from the base game.

The mod is particularly notable for its stylistic consistency with original Duke Nukem 3D maps by developers Allen Blum and Richard "Levelord" Gray. Nearly every level of FM4X incorporates recognizable design elements from levels in the base game, without directly lifting any content. Several maps even contain recreated scenes from pre-release screenshots from prototypes that were scrapped before the commercial release of Duke Nukem 3D.

Episode 1: New York Rebellion[]


New York Rebellion

New York Rebellion was released in 2004 and contains seven levels:

1. Sweeney Slime Refinery
2. Dark Palm Hotel
3. Lonely Street
4. Sewer Confines
5. The Lava Reef
6. Launch Center (Secret Level)
7. Damned Space Life (Secret Level)
8. Dukematch Level 1 (Multiplayer Level)
9. ClipArt Gallery (Multiplayer Level)
10. Spinning Rooms (Multiplayer Level)
11. Skyscrapers (Multiplayer Level)

Episode 2: Orbital Oblivion[]


Orbital Oblivion

Orbital Oblivion was released in 2009 and contains eleven levels. Sections of some of these maps, particularly the interiors on Alien Fusion Tower, were contributed by another Chilean mapper who goes by the username Fernito:

1. SS Observatory
2. Intercommunication
3. GnuStella Network
4. Optical Demounter
5. Alpha Core
6. Lunar Crossroads
7. Terran Moonshaft
8. Alien Fusion Tower
9. Viewport
10. Cycling Perimeter (Secret Level)
11. Asteroid Stronghold (Secret Level)

Episode 3: Anarchy Village[]


Anarchy Village

Anarchy Village was released in 2015 and contains eleven levels:

1. Durango Club
2. Helecopt Road
3. Boiler Cliff
4. Summer Beach Condo
5. Jungle Bay
6. Ghost House
7. Crescent Inn
8. Knock-Out Factory
9. Coliseum
10. Loopy Shelter (Secret Level)
11. University (Secret Level)

Episode 4: The Uprising[]


The Uprising

The Uprising was released in 2020 and contains eleven levels:

1. Mountain Pass
2. Nature Valley
3. Rainforest
4. Frosty Grotto
5. Pipe Dreams
6. Castle In The Winds
7. Fun Fair
8. Sanatorium
9. Temple Manor
10. Birth Cradle
11. Ultrapower! (Secret Level)

DukeMatch bonus episode[]


Beachwoods from the DukeMatch bonus episode

FM4X also includes a bonus "FM5X" episode that consists solely of multiplayer ("DukeMatch") levels:

1. Thermal Waters
2. Epsilon Workshop
3. Hive-N-Sip-N-Kill
4. Crystal Glacier
5. Rotomotor
6. Flickering Lights
7. Megaton Delirium
8. Beachwoods
9. Overlapping Seasons
10. Yamato Seabase
11. Poisonous Brawl

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