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The third episode of Duke Nukem II consists of 8 levels.



Duke climbs into an active volcano to see if things will liven up.

Diamond Caves[]

Just after Duke is out of the fire, he finds himself in a landslide of trouble.

Rigelatin Jungle[]

A place of lush vegetation and waterfalls.

Scratching the Surface[]

Duke finally finds his way out of the mines and sees devastated skyscrapers in the distance.

Ruined City[]

Duke makes this way through the city ruins.

Rigelatin Mountains[]

An icy cold area. The radars set up around here must be taken out.

Mountain Facility[]

A Rigelatin military base in the mountains.

Mountains: Rigelatin Boss #3 - Bomber[]

Bomber moves very swiftly. He must be taken out from the air.

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