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The second episode of Duke Nukem II consists of 8 levels.


Kick Some Butt![]

Duke ends up finding a hidden elevator that takes him down to a network of tunnels beneath the planet's surface.

Missile Plant[]

Duke ends up in a Rigelatin missile base.

Drone Generator[]

An area heavily guarded by menacing machinations.

Slime Cavern[]

A cavern filled with slimy creatures.

Caverns Collapse[]

Another quake has made the cavern very unstable! Duke must get out before the place caves in.

Sector 6[]

A perilous pit with deadly traps around every corner.

Forgotten Dungeons[]

Duke must locate and destroy all the radar dishes on this prison-themed level.

Control Center: Rigelatin Boss #2 - Stamper[]

Stamper will try and get the drop on you.

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