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The first episode of Duke Nukem II consists of 8 levels and is available as shareware.


The Prison[]

After being dragged from and imprisoned on the Rigelatin homeworld, he wakes up extra cranky.

The Cave[]

After escaping, Duke heads to a nearby cave system. All radar dishes must be taken out.


Back to the surface of an alien world.

The Greenhouse[]

After heading to a seemingly safe greenhouse he finds something more clingy than an ex-girlfriend who let you be.

The Fans of Megadeth[]

A factory full of fans and rock music. Here Duke blows up a large reactor and the chain reaction from this devastates a nearby alien city.

Rigelatin Factory[]

Deeper into the Factory - lava and pipework.

Rigelatin Facility[]

A dark Rigelatin lair.

The Pit: Rigelatin Boss #1 - Riggy[]

Stopping Riggy isn't your first priority, trying not to get carpet bombed is.

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