The Enforcer Gun is a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever it is a upgraded version of the Plasma Cannon.


The Enforcer Gun is an alien weapon wielded by the Assault Enforcer. When one of them is killed, the player can pick it up and use it themselves. This weapon is exactly why Enforcers are dangerous opponents.

When fired, the Enforcer Gun fires three plasma rays with light blue trails. These rays will home onto any nearby enemies at close range, but will flunk at longer ranges. These plasma rays are quite powerful and can gib enemies. It has nearly the same DPS as the Devestator which also makes it ideal for bosses. Though the weapon is powerful its ammo supply is quite limited which is a major drawback if there are no ammunition crates nearby which means despite the weapons power it cannot be used in every situation.

The Enforcer Gun was included in the 2006 build of Duke Nukem Forever and even in the 2009 beta it used sounds and textures which differed from the final version.

Notes on Multiplayer GameplayEdit

Due to its homing capabilities, splash damage and respectable firing rate (leading to devastatingly high DPS), to inexperienced players this weapon can be an outright game breaker in multiplayer mode. It is carefully hidden in most mulitplayer maps, yet – especially with the 'Infinite Ammo' modificator enabled – the Enforcer Gun often becomes the designated "spray and pray" weapon to many players, being able to quickly wipe out an entire map. It should be noted however, that there are major drawbacks to this weapon which can spare a player the grief of being instantly killed off on a map that has been spammed with enforcer missiles:

For one there is the fact that the Enforcer Gun is useless for long-distance sniping since the rays will not home in on an enemy beyond a certain range.

More importantly, however, compared to the missiles' horizontal homing capabilities (they can home in on players at very steep angles), their vertical homing capability is rather negligible, which means that a player who is able to quickly get above or below the line of fire is very unlikely to get hit.


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