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The Enforcer is an enemy type encountered in Duke Nukem Forever. During the time Duke was shrunk to a small size, one of these creatures served as the game's boss battle.


The Enforcer is a dinosaur-like bipedal monster with a nose ring. It is armed with the Enforcer Gun, which fires homing mini rockets at the player. The Enforcer also deals strong melee attacks. It is a slow moving foe, unlike its agile counter-part from Duke Nukem 3D, but it is a lot tougher.

Besides the regular Enforcers, there are ones that are equipped with a large metal shield. It has roughly 100 HP and protects the Enforcer from all physical, Shrink Ray and Expander attacks. The shield must be knocked away before damage can be dealt to the Enforcer.

Boss Battle

One Enforcer acts as a boss in the level "The Shrunk Machine", since Duke has to fight it while shrunk, and it has a boss meter just like all the other bosses. Other than the increased amount of times you need to shoot it (since your weapons are also smaller and inflict much less damage), it can lethally stomp Duke. It acts the same as regular Enforcers. The player needs to do (about) 1920 in shrunk damage to defeat it.

Combat Analysis

Enforcers are slow and have a large amount of hitpoints. Despite its toughness, conventional weapons work well because the slow speed of the Enforcer makes it easy to concentrate large amounts of firepower on it. If multiple Enforcers are being fought at the same time, grabbing the Enforcer Gun ammo from a previously killed Enforcer can allow you to kill the next one, and repeat the process.

Enforcers are at their most dangerous in mid-range combat, given the guided missiles will easily home in on the player at that distance. For optimum combat, go with either long-range or close-quarters combat. In the event the player must engage them at mid-range due to their current weapon line, they should ensure they have solid cover while an Enforcer is firing upon the player, as their homing missiles spend several seconds attempting to seek out the player.

At long range, the player should stick with an M1911 Pistol (for headshots), RPG, or Railgun; these all work well. Going for close-quarters combat also means dealing with their own melee attack. On DiG difficulty, an Enforcer can kill Duke, easily. Fortunately, their attacks are slow, somewhat choreographed and not difficult to dodge. If the player can learn how they melee, they should have no trouble engaging them at close-quarters:

  • While pumped up on Steroids, Enforcers can go down with very few hits while the player can shrug off much of the damage.
  • Shotguns to the chest will do full damage, again requiring very few shots.
  • They require a lot of regular melee hits, but this can be done much faster if the M1911 Pistol is equipped. Focusing on the head will cause the Enforcer to continually flinch, making this an easy kill.

The Shrink Ray and Expander can easily deal with an Enforcer, though in the case of a Shrink Ray, they will not drop their gun/ammo when killed. If you already have an Enforcer Gun, and there is an EDF ammo crate somewhere nearby, then this can still be an acceptable situation because you will not need the drop from the Enforcer.

Where heavy objects are available to pick up and throw, thrown objects can be an effective way to deal damage if ammo is a problem (especially the rooftop battle), as bricks will one-shot Pig Cops and deal heavy damage to Enforcers (3 heavy objects are required to kill an Enforcer at any difficulty).

Vs. Giant Enforcer

This battle happens during The Shrunk Machine: Part 2. A normal-size Enforcer (which compared to a shrunk Duke is giant) will exit an elevator and attack Duke on sight. Players should take the battle to the room beforehand and use the crate to create a buffer betwene Duke and the Enforcer. The player will need to do (roughly) 6.4 times the usual damage while shrunk and ammunition can be a possible problem given the limited weapons available in the room (made worse by a previous ambush by Octobabies just before the Enforcer appears)

  • M1911 and Ripper users should target the head as much as possible. The bonus headshot damage will add up quickly.
  • Freeze Ray (DNF)Freeze Ray users will have a much easier time, regardless of whether or not the 3D version is used; this solves the ammo. problem. They can allow the gun to recharge while the player circles around the crate to buy time.
  • This Enforcer cannot be shrunk with the Shrink Ray.
Weapon Effectivenesses
8 strikes
3 strikes
M1911 Pistol
15 shots
2 shots
45 shots
3 shots
3 rockets
15 rockets
Shrink Ray
Shrink Ray
1 blast
Freeze Ray
75 units
Freeze Ray (3D)
8 shots
AT Laser
5 bursts
AT Captain Laser
15 lasers
Enforcer Gun
2 shots
Pipe Bomb
3 pipebombs
Trip Mine
3 mines
5 shots
Expand + Kill
  • Note: The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • Note: Calculated on the Lets Rock dificulty setting
  • Note: these are non-head shot values only
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