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The Enforcer is an enemy that was first encountered in Duke Nukem 3D but appears once again in Duke Nukem Advance. Though almost identical there are a few differences between it and the Enforcer in Duke Nukem 3D.


The Enforcer is a human-sized humanoid creature with pale brown skin. It is often described as reptilian or dinosaur-like. Its left hand has three large clawed fingers, and each foot has three large splayed toes (also clawed). It has a short tail. Its eyes are yellow, and it has a large snout and a big mouth filled with teeth. It is large and muscular.

It wears a tight-fitting short-sleeved black outfit over its torso, and black leg guards around its thighs. There is a small single white spike on each of its shoulders. It has a gold ring through its nose.


The Enforcer as it appears in Duke Nukem Advance

Combat Analysis[]

Though it behaves in much the same way as it's Duke Nukem 3D counterpart as it's still as fast moving enemy it should be noted that it doesn't spit acid at the player anymore; so it's only means of attacking the player is with its hand-held Chaingun Cannon. Sometimes when killed it will drop ammo for the MP5.

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