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The Energy Leech is a boss in Duke Nukem Forever.


The Energy Leech appears to be an alien-bred creature placed underwater to protect the Hoover Dam. This giant leech creature is the last obstacle between Duke and his goal of blowing up the Dam to shut down the alien wormhole. It is encountered in the Blowin' the Dam level, and it appears when Duke is about to place the last wall mine on a gate. The creature is massive, uses its own head as a hammer, can fire bolts of electricity and attempts to suck Duke inside itself like a vacuum. When weakened by Duke's fire, it is killed off by the wall mine carefully placed inside its gill.


  • Bite: This attack only happens if Duke attempts to get too close to the leech between attacks.
  • Body Slam: The leech straightens it's body vertically then drops it's entire weight upon Duke. Strafe away from the leech to avoid this attack. On DiG difficulty, this is a one-hit kill, thus it is urgent the player dodges this. When it starts doing this twice in row, it will attack the same spot; try not to compensate for that, stay put and allow the attack to finish.
  • Spark Missile: Typically these is used to counter-attack anytime it is hit with an explosive weapon, so you will two of these are incoming after a successful hit by any explosive. Strafe away, if you can. The Leech retracts a bit before firing. Fortunately, they do not do much damage, but will leave you vulnerable to a fatal Body Slam if your Ego is not high enough.
  • Suction Attack: This attack damages and deprives you of air while you need to swim back to a source. Swim away from the leech. Firing an RPG shot into it's mouth (If you have any) will disrupt the attack.
  • Strength Tap Fail: The Energy Leech 'shoves' you away from it.

Combat Analysis[]

Similarly to Alien Queen from Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, the entire fight takes place underwater. Despite all odds, it is relatively simple. The strategy is to strafe from left ammo box to the right one, "visiting" the oxygen bubble streams, placed right between them.

The RPG is the best weapon to use against the Energy Leech and there are more than one of them found throughout the final underwater part of the dam. It's lock-on ability is essential to hitting the head, which is the only real vulnerable part of the boss.

After taking 800 damage, the body slams will start to happen in the same spot twice and the suction attack will be used. After taking 1600 damage, it will alternate between Body Slams and it's Siction attacl

After taking critical damage, the creature will fold in on itself and will be open for a strength tap to place the charge inside the head cavity and finish it off.

Weapon Effectivenesses
20 rockets
120 rockets
Enforcer Gun
15 shots
Pipe Bomb
20 pipebombs
Trip Mine
  • Note: The values given for explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • Note: Calculated on the Lets Rock dificulty setting
  • Note: Unpatched versions of the game can explot the Freeze Ray.


  • A much smaller version of Energy Leech has a cameo appearance in the map My Digs, in the game room, opposite of where the multiplayer trophies are viewed. It is seen in the far left side of the aquarium.
  • Despite the creature's apparent role as the Dam's (and wormhole's) protector, it actually did help Duke destroying it by smashing through an important gate, allowing the Dam to be soon filled with water.
  • The creature also seems to be a second reference to the Alien Queen from Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, which also fought underwater and had electric attacks.
  • It appears that it had a larger role in earlier version of DNF.
  • There was a known glitch that was later patched for the PC/Steam version of the game. If Duke uses the Freeze Ray on the Energy Leech in close-proximity, Duke will become frozen (with no EGO and 1 health) and the Energy Leech's health would also be reduced to 1, allowing for an easy kill with the next attack.
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