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Ego is a gameplay mechanic in Duke Nukem Forever. It functions analogously to "shields" in other first-person shooter games. Whenever the player receives damage, Duke Nukem's ego decreases. After avoiding damage for a sufficiently long duration, Duke's ego will slowly recharge.

If Duke's ego is fully depleted, it will repeatedly flash red. In this state, the player may die, though Duke can actually sustain a small amount damage before dying. There is also a shorter delay before Duke's ego begins recharging while in this state.

Ego boosts

Killing bosses and interacting with certain objects throughout the game can boost the player's maximum ego capacity. These "ego boosts" can only be activated once per interactive object, and some boosts increase the player's ego capacity more than others.

There are 34 ego boosts in total. Six of these are unavoidable, but the other 28 must be found.

The following list only includes ego boosts that appear for the first time on a given level:

1. Duke Lives: 3 boosts
2. Damn! It's Late...: 2 boosts
3. The Duke Cave: 6 boosts
4. Mothership Battle: no boosts
5. The Lady Killer: 1 boost
6. Vegas in Ruin: 1 boost
7. The Duke Dome: 1 boost
8. The Hive: 1 boost
9. Queen Bitch: 1 boost
10. Duke Nukem's Titty City: 6 boosts
11. Crash Course: 1 boost
12. The Duke Burger: 2 boosts

13. The Mighty Foot: 2 boosts
14. Ghost Town: 1 boost
15. Highway Battle: no boosts
16. Dam Top: 2 boosts
17. The Shrunk Machine: 1 boost
18. The Forkstop: 1 boost
19. Generator Room: 1 boost
20. Underground: no boosts
21. The Clarifier: no boosts
22. Blowin' the Dam: 1 boost
23. Final Battle: no boosts
24. Press Conference: no boosts

See the links above for more information on how to obtain each boost.

The Doctor Who Cloned Me

There are 19 more ego boosts in the The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC pack. Only one of these is unavoidable.

The following list only includes ego boosts that appear for the first time on a given level:

1. Rude Awakening: 1 boost
2. Going Down: 1 boost
3. In Security: 2 boosts
4. The Clone Carousel: 1 boost
5. Me, Myself, and I: 9 boosts
6. Meat Grinder: no boosts
7. The Doctor Is In: 1 boost

8. Magic Carpet Ride: 1 boost
9. Drunken Crane Master: no boosts
10. All Your Base...: no boosts
11. Tunnel Vision: no boosts
12. The Burning Bush: 2 boosts
13. Teleportation Spire: no boosts
14. Duke Side of the Moon: 1 boost

See the links above for more information on how to obtain each boost.

"Ego Boost!" bar


"Ego Boost!" bar

Duke's Big Package and Duke Nukem Forever: King Edition were available exclusively to players who preordered the game. These limited edition releases included a bonus "Ego Boost!" bar that could be activated in-game.

The "Ego Boost!" bar appears as a red bar to the right of the yellow "Ego" bar. This added bar offers even more ego than is ordinarily available in the game.

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