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Logo of the EDF

The Earth Defense Forces or EDF is a military force formed to defend Earth from hostile alien invaders. The EDF first appeared in Duke Nukem 3D and returned in Duke Nukem Forever.


Little is known about the EDF. They are technologically sophisticated, with advanced weaponry, vehicles capable of vertical take-off, and a massive militarized space station orbiting the Earth. Based on scientific illustrations on the walls in Area 51, it is evident that they have conducted experiments on the Assault Trooper, Octabrain, Protector Drone, and Protozoid Slimer. Despite its cosmopolitan title, the EDF readily takes orders from the US President, suggesting it may be a division of the United States Armed Forces.


The EDF maintains a large arsenal, including several notably advanced weapons:


EDF technology is composed of a mixture of contemporary 21st century and more advanced futuristic technology. They primarily utilize familiar, conventional vehicles like helicopters, aircraft, combat cars like jeeps or humvees, tanks, and satellites equipped with support ordnance for orbital bombardment. They are also known to use more advanced vehicles and devices like hovering sky cars, nimble dropships, and large spaceships. Additionally, the EDF maintains a network of space stations around Earth's orbit, in order to intercept and destroy as many alien craft as possible before they even set foot on Earth's surface. The EDF also has extensive surveillance capabilities that can detect critical information about alien enemies, which can then be relayed to Duke.

But however powerful EDF tech may be, many of their devices are vulnerable to capture and reprogramming by alien enemies.

The vehicles and devices listed below are a small sample of the EDF arsenal.


Notable members[]


  • Some of the Pigcops in Duke Nukem Forever are shown wearing EDF equipment, suggesting they may be mutated EDF soldiers. This contrasts with the Pig Cops in Duke Nukem 3D, which official game lore distributed by 3D Realms describes as mutated police officers from the L.A.P.D. The origin of the EDF Pigcops is never explained.
  • According to the art book included with Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel Edition, the EDF were originally conceived by combining features of a SWAT team with futuristic sci-fi soldiers.
  • The term "Earth Defense Forces" is not unique to the Duke Nukem franchise. Identical or similar variations of the term can be found in the Red Faction, Quake, and Serious Sam franchises as well.
  • The EDF appears to have directly inspired the "Global Defense Force" in Ion Fury, which some fans have described as the true spiritual successor of Duke Nukem 3D.