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The EDF Gunship is an unusable vehicle that appears in Duke Nukem Forever. It is frequently employed by the EDF as a dropship.


As the name suggest, is a large dropship/gunship aircraft that looks with some futuristic technology.

These are designed as a tandem aircraft, due to the cab's design. Once they appears, acts like a fast helicopter when in combat.

Comes with 2 ball-mounted machine guns, each one in the front and rear section of the vehicle and stub wings carrying a maximum of 4 missiles, acting as a bomb in some occasions.

It usually carries a mobile troop bay, which can hold a undetermined number of soldiers, however the design suggest that can hold a maximum of 8 passengers and 2 side gunners, making a total of 12. Often comes with a heavy machine gun turret or a grenade launcher turret in it. Is unknown how lands if these aircrafts haven't the troop bay, but uses hydraulic arms when carries something, so it's acts like a "landing gear".

Is the only known vehicle that the EDF uses, as other vehicles belongs to other agencies.


These vehicles appears several times in the game, helping the protagonist with supply boxes or mobile troops bay with turret. Due to the size, these are vurnerable to enemies, and then crashes in the battlefield, evidenced by some abandoned dropships. In the mission The Mighty Foot, the protagonist starts in these vehicles with a grenade launcher (the only time that appear with this weapon), in order to clear a zone infested by aliens. When Duke kills all enemies and lands, a second appears carrying the Mighty Foot, indicating that can carry several things.

The last dropship seen in the story is when Duke defeats the last boss, in order to evacuate. However, due to an explosion caused by the nuke, is possible the vehicle crashed.


  • Despite the vehicle posessing machine guns, these are never used by the EDF in the story, although they have been seen in the background attacking Alien Dropships (Most notable during the final battle with the Cycloid Emperor if the player looks up to see what is going on around them).
  • These may be identified with sort of military codes, as heard in the last battle.
  • In-game data refers to these vehicles as Wasps.