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EDF Base is the first map (as of v4.0) of the "New Invasion" episode of Alien Armageddon.


After a whole decade of peace, those alien bastards are back and more vengeful than ever before! And this time, Duke Nukem is not alone; his associate Michelle "Bombshell" Bombkowski is joining the fray as well, and she will be the first one experiencing the New Invasion head on! What could the aliens be planning, considering their first invasion target is the very base of the Earth Defense Force itself?!


Secret 1: General Graves' Office[]

After reentering the base following the battle outside (with the Pig Cop Tanks and Swivel Turret), look for General Graves' office (you will see his nameplate on his desk). On the right side of the room, to the left of the portrait, there is a darker portion of wall. Open it up to find a Desert Eagle and a magazine for it.

Secret 2: Server Room[]

After the Gym battle against the Armored Pig and the subsequent Night Vision switch puzzle, you will be in a hallway with several different labelled rooms. Look for the one labelled "Servers"; go all the way to the left side of the room (where the gamer chair and PC setup is located), and you will see several fan vents. Enter the one on the far end, closest to the back wall (the only one capable of being broken), and head inside the tiny hideout to find 2 Spider-Mines and a magazine for the M4 Carbine.

Secret 3: Sick Bay[]

In the same hallway, look for the room labelled "Sickbay"; on the right side of the room, there is a sink with a darkened wall behind it. Enter it to find a Plasma Gun.

Secret 4: Armory/Firing Range[]

Inside the second Armory you come across (just past the giant metal door guarded by the two Pig Cops), clear out the first room, then go through the two doors in the back to get to the Firing Range. Once inside, jump over the booth, go past the targets and collect the two piles of coins you see to the back left of the room. The pile closest to the corner is the one tagged as secret.