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This page refers to the scrapped Duke Nukem Forever enemy. For other uses, see Robot (disambiguation).

The EDF-209 is a scrapped enemy or boss from Duke Nukem Forever. It may be a prototype version of the Area 51 Security Robot from the The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


The EDF-209 closely resembles the robot from the eponymous Terminator films. It makes a brief appearance in the 2001 E3 trailer for Duke Nukem Forever and in the leaked Duke Nukem Forever 2001 prototype.

Because the EDF-209 bear the letters "EDF" across its front, it may have been created by the Earth Defense Forces, but it is shown attacking Duke Nukem in the trailer, suggesting it may have malfunctioned or gone rogue.


In the leaked 2001 build, the EDF-209 first appears in the Lady Killer Casino level, where it bursts through a wall and attempts to kill the player, however due to a mapping error the EDF-209 is unable to move or react to the player. It can be found again in EDF Base Chunk 5, near a Turret and the door to the staircase.

At first, it has two miniguns attached to its arms wich are able to kill the player extremely quickly, each of which can be destroyed. If both miniguns are destroyed, the EDF-209 will start using melee and electricity-based attacks, such as a attack where the EDF-209 begins emitting a eletric bolt towards Duke and another where it punches the ground and causes a EMP Blast , which not only damage the player but also interfere with the Shades Operating System (S.O.S.).

Unused in the leak is a copy of the EDF-209 internally called EDFHeavyWepsBig, described with programmer commentary as "Bigger EDF Heavy Weapons robot for tough to reach spots". It is the regular EDF-209 but scaled 1.4 times larger.


The EDF-209 appears to have been reprised as the "Area 51 Security Robot," the official name of an enemy introduced in The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


  • The name "EDF-209" is a reference to the ED-209 robots from the RoboCop franchise.
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