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Duke Side of the Moon is the 14th and final chapter of The Doctor Who Cloned Me.

Ego boosts

There is one new ego boost on this level that cannot be found on any previous level:

  1. Flag: Plant the flag in the giant crater on the moon. (+1 Ego)


  1. Go through the doors straight ahead. Kill the alien working to the right. They’ve kidnapped girls, which you can see on the monitor. Head to the left, and activate the switch to drop down a Moon Rover .
  2. Drive through the big metal doors, and drive onto the surface of the moon.
  3. Run over any aliens that get in your way. Follow the path on the moon until you reach a jump. Activate boost, and soar through low gravity. Continue to follow the path.
  4. Soon, you will see the alien base. Your vehicle will run out of power, so exit onto the surface. You can’t breathe on the moon, so use the alien’s oxygen streams. Shoot them to open them.
  5. Aliens will start to attack. Kill them, while periodically using an oxygen stream to breathe. Follow the streams, and you will find a destroyed vehicle. There is ammo there.
  6. Take the power cell from the back of the destroyed vehicle, and take it back to your Moon Rover. Use the bounce pads to get out of the crater, and back to your vehicle.
  7. When you get back to your Moon Rover, kill the enemies and put in the power cell.
  8. Get back in the vehicle, and drive it across the crater. Use the ramp, and boost over the tentacle. Follow the path until you see the Alien Empress .
  9. Attack the Empress, by attacking her legs, until she is down, then ramp the Moon Rover into the exposed hole.
  10. When you are inside the Alien Empress, attack her ovaries. I suggest using an RPG for this. When you destroy an ovary, you will be launched out of the Empress.
  11. Once she is down again, ramp the Moon Rover into the exposed hole. You will be inside her again.
  12. Now, destroy the final ovary. Once it is destroyed, you will be launched out. Jump the Moon Rover into the Alien Empress’ mouth. Get ready for the final cut scene.
  13. Once again, the world relied on you.You saved it, and the women. The DLC ends with Duke saying "Today's a Good day to bet on Duke!!"


  • This level's name is a reference to the Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon.
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