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Duke Royale is the fourth level of the episode 'Plug 'N' Pray' in Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown.

The level is based on the Quentin Tarantino movies Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, as well as the Robert Rodriguez movie From Dusk Till Dawn.

There are several familiar locations from those movies including the warehouse from Reservoir Dogs; the burger restaurant, pawn shop (complete with 'Gimp' suit hanging up in the basement) bar, and the home of Uma Thurman's character 'Mia Wallace' from Pulp Fiction. The bar at the end of the level is based on the "Titty Twister" from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, which Tarantino wrote and co-starred.

One the wall in the burger restaurant are spoof posters for 'Pig Fiction' and 'Reservoir Pigs'.

If you play the episode on 'Come Get Some' difficulty, there will be ten Assault Commanders, nine of which spawn at the same time.

This level is probably suffers the worst frame rate issues that plague the PlayStation version of the game, especially when played on the Come Get Some difficulty. The final area in particular suffers from an extremely sluggish frame rate and requires a good amount of patience to get through there.


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