Duke Nukem Wiki

The Duke Nukem Repository is a website and online database that hosts content created by the Duke Nukem 3D community.

The website was last updated in 2010, but thousands of files of custom content are still available for download. In particular, the Repository is best known for its massive collection of user maps. Each download page provides extensive information about the content, including user reviews and software requirements. The software requirements typically specify whether a file requires Duke Nukem 3D, EDuke32, or Duke Plus.

Content available on the site[]

  • User Maps
    • Singleplayer Maps
    • Multiplayer ("Dukematch") Maps
    • Co-op Maps
    • Full-Length Episodes
  • CON Scripts
  • Mods & Total Conversions
  • New Tiles & Artwork
  • Level Editing Tutorials
  • Various Other Creative Utilities


Duke Nukem Repository