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Duke Nukem Mobile is the name of two games developed by MachineWorks Northwest.
This page refers to the 2D side-scrolling game. For the 3D first-person shooter, see Duke Nukem Mobile 3D.

Duke Nukem Mobile for mobile phones was released on January 15, 2004 and was originally available for Motorola T720, LGE VX4400, LGE VX4500, LGE VX6000 and Samsung SCH-A530. It can also run on other Java ME MIDP-compatible mobile phones. It has later been ported to Android, and was once available for download from the Android Market, but was taken down.

This game is a simple 2D side-scroller featuring 15 levels, several different enemies, weapons and powerups. Each level is beaten by killing the end-boss which appears after all the normal enemies are dead. Once dead, the boss drops a key card which is used to advance to the next level. Also, when Duke Nukem dies in the game, he screams the roar of the aliens from Duke Nukem 3D.

A sequel, Duke Nukem Mobile: Bikini Project, was released in 2005.


Pig Cops are on the loose. Duke battles his way through Club Bel-Ami, through a zombie-infested graveyard, into a mansion and then into a zeppelin hangar. He then boards the zeppelin, defeats the boss and other enemies inside the control room, and takes off into the air.


  1. Road to Club Bel-Ami
  2. Near Club Bel-Ami
  3. Club Bel-Ami
  4. Inside Club Bel-Ami
  5. Behind Club Bel-Ami
  6. R.I.P.
  7. Rest in Pieces!
  8. The Courtyard
  9. Inside
  10. Zeppelin Hanger
  11. Zeppelin Hanger 2
  12. Zeppelin Hanger 3
  13. Zeppelin Hanger 4
  14. Zeppelin Hanger 5
  15. Burst into Flames!

Note: The game incorrectly uses the word hanger to mean hangar.

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