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Duke Nukem Mobile: Bikini Project, sometimes titled Duke Nukem Mobile II: Bikini Project, is a 2D side-scrolling game developed by MachineWorks Northwest for mobile phones. It is a sequel to Duke Nukem Mobile, and features the same style of gameplay. The game re-uses many sprites of its predecessor and takes place right after its end. The game adds new features such as a jetpack, the flamethrower, the Pig Cop jetcraft and multiple boss characters for some levels.


Duke starts onboard the Zeppelin he boarded in the previous game. He hijacks a biplane and returns to the ground. There, he breaks into a pig cop-infested prison to rescue Miss Forever Young, and then proceeds to battle his way through an urban district and into a mansion. In the wine cellar a secret tunnel leads to a hidden submarine. After defeating the final boss and restoring the sub's power supply, Duke escapes out to sea.


  1. Zeppelin Loading Bay
  2. Out of Gas!
  3. Inner Courtyard
  4. Save Miss Forever Young!
  5. Pools Of Acid
  6. The Power Room
  7. The bridge
  8. Pig Town
  9. The Piazza
  10. The Hillside
  11. Outside The Villa
  12. Turn Bull Estate
  13. The Wine Cellar
  14. The Sub Tunnel

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