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The Duke Nukem 3D Level Design Handbook is a guidebook published by Sybex Inc. in 1996 for designing levels in the Duke Nukem 3D map editor. Included with the book is a CD-ROM featuring 50 new levels, map editing tools, sample art, and software for converting Doom and Hexen levels into Duke Nukem levels.

The guidebook was written in consultation with Apogee, and it includes level design advice from Richard Bailey Gray (The Levelord) and Allen H. Blum III, the designers of the original Duke Nukem 3D levels.

Table of contents[]

The table of contents printed in the front of the book reads as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The 3D First-Person Shoot'Em-Up Game Genre
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to Build
  • Chapter 3: Creating Sector Groups
  • Chapter 4: Bringing Sectors to Life
  • Chapter 5: Placing Objects with Sprites
  • Chapter 6: Special Types of Sprites
  • Chapter 7: Special Sector Effects
  • Chapter 8: Special Construct Effects
  • Chapter 9: Designing Good Levels
  • Chapter 10: Designing Co-Op and DukeMatch Levels
  • Chapter 11: Using EditArt
  • Chapter 12: Editing CON Files
  • Chapter 13: WAD2DUKE, A New DOOM WAD-to-Duke MAP Converter

Media contents[]

The Duke Nukem 3D Level Design Handbook comes packaged with a CD-ROM that contains the following:


The following is a complete set of 45 user maps that can be downloaded from the CD-ROM, each with its own directory. The advertised count of "50" maps is probably derived by adding the 45 maps below to the handful maps that are included with the separate FAQs and the "DOOM WAD-to-Duke MAP" conversion demo levels.

Map Author
2ATWAR.map Daniel ?
7thGuest.map Allan Arico
anzag.map Hans Benz
Apocalypse Mike Greig
Arena.map Chris
Bartmap3.map Jim Wiscarson (a.k.a. Bartman)
CyKoSiS.map Jason Williams
Funhouse.map Jason Williams
DUKECTRL.map Scott McNutt
DUKEPROX.map Scott McNutt
Fortress.map Nick Shore & Nick Depree
FORTS.map Ari Samsky
HALLHELL.MAP Gary D. Danielson Jr.
HULK.map Tom Francis
ICEWORLD.map Inge Groben
Surprise Inge Groben
Kilo16.map KiloWatt
Labrynth.map Sidhe
LVL7.MAP Alex "INXS" Linn
Milbase.map Sidhe
LTEMPLE.map Scott Haslam
MaNCeR01.MAP Cole Savage
MANSION.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest)
MOONSHOT.MAP Richard M. Gold (a.k.a. Phantom)
PAYBACK.map Richard M. Gold (a.k.a. Phantom)
ROQ.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest)
SMACK.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest)
Manymoon.map James Healey
Morphgen.map James Healey
Hood.map Jonathan E. Wildman
Mufambi.map Simon Crawshaw
normal.map Michael Clark
Omega Outpost Phil Smith (Overide)
Pitperil.map Matthew R. King
POSH1.map Matthew Falcus
Resort.map Nick Shore
RidHouse.map Robin Ridler
Sand.map Neil Munday (Punisher) & Jim Semkiw (Ironman)
Startrek.map A. Covington & I. Stubbington
Steel.map Matt Bollier
strng.map Roland Blais
Subcity.map BowZer
Treptow.map Peter Scholz
XTDN_10! starter program Jrgen Sommer

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