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Duke Nukem 3D for the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) is a console port of the desktop PC game Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. It is purchased and played through the Xbox Live Arcade service.

Differences from the PC version[]

The XBLA port is identical to the original Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition on the PC, except for the following notable differences:

  • Using a water fountain will restore 5 health, instead of 1.
  • Several of the in-game messages that display at the top of the screen have been changed:
    • There is no longer a "Mighty Foot Engaged" message when using the Quick Kick.
    • The third weapon is now called the "Ripper" instead of the "Chaingun Cannon."
    • Similar to other health items, obtaining an Atomic Health will now display the amount of health gained.
  • Duke can only throw one Pipe Bomb at a time now. If he tries to switch to another weapon, his only option will be the Pistol, but the Pistol will be registered as holding zero ammo. As a result, the game will automatically switch back to the detonator function for the Pipe Bomb.
  • Completing an episode will unlock the secret levels. Any unlocked levels can be accessed after completing the previous level, so players can jump to whichever level they want without cheating.
  • A new "rewind" feature allows players to undo any mistakes and to continue from any point up to death.
  • New speedrunning leaderboards will automatically sync through the Internet.


Duke Piece of Cake - (25 points)
Complete "L.A. Meltdown" on any difficulty or in co-op.
Duke2 Let's Rock - (25 points)
Complete "Lunar Apocalypse" on any difficulty or in co-op.
Duke3 Come Get Some - (25 points)
Complete "Shrapnel City" on any difficulty or in co-op.
Duke4 Game Over - (25 points)
Complete "The Birth" on any difficulty or in co-op.
Duke9 Duke's Mighty Foot - (10 points)
Step on 40 enemies after using the Shrinker on them.
Duke7 Looks Like Cleanup on Aisle 4 - (10 points)
Step in a pile of excrement.
Duke6 Shake It Baby - (10 points)
Tip an exotic dancer.
Duke8 Oomph, Uugh, Where is it? - (10 points)
Find 70 secret areas.
Duke5 Alien Maggots are Gonna Pay - (10 points)
Finish the "Hollywood Holocaust" level in under 3 minutes.
Duke10 Gonna Rip Em' a New One - (10 points)
Get 100 total kills in ranked Dukematch games (Online).
Duke11 See You in Hell - (15 points)
Get 250 total kills in ranked Dukematch games (Online).
Duke12 Hail to the King, Baby - (25 points)
Earn respect and get 500 total kills in ranked Dukematch games (Online).

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