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Duke Nukem 3D for the Nokia N900 is an unauthorized port that was distributed worldwide through the N900 application manager on December 29, 2009. Initially, only the shareware version was distributed, but a full version was later distributed illegally. The Nokia N900 version was not listed in the 2010 asset purchase agreement between 3D Realms and Gearbox Software, which included a complete list of all authorized uses of the Duke Nukem intellectual property (see here).

Running on the Maemo 5 operating system, the Nokia N900 accommodates two forms of in-game controls; the player can either use a stylus pen to provide touchscreen inputs or use the Nokia's miniature keyboard to provide directional key inputs. The Nokia N900 port lacks any in-game music and features a "Cheats" menu on the pause screen. In all other respects, the Nokia N900 version is indistinguishable from the PC version.

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