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Duke Nukem 3D for the HP TouchPad is an authorized[1] port by MachineWorks Northwest that was published on July 5, 2011.[2] The downloadable app was listed only as Duke in the official app catalog.[3] It sold for $2 US dollars in North America[4] and £2.38 British pounds in Europe.[3]

The game was advertised as a direct port of the PC version,[3][5] with the only reported modification being that it uses on-screen directional movement buttons instead of a mouse and keyboard.[5] However, a nearly identical port with the same on-screen directional movement buttons was previously developed for iOS by the same studio, suggesting this version may have actually been a port of the Android/iOS version instead of the PC version.


  • An unauthorized port of Duke Nukem 3D for webOS, the operating system used by the HP TouchPad, was posted online by Henk Jonas in March 2010, a full year before the authorized port by MachineWorks Northwest.


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