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Duke Nukem 3D: Genetic, formerly known as Last Reaction and Water Bases, is a total conversion of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition that was created and released by the French designer George-William "Jaco" Bernard on February 23, 1999.

Although it was never fully completed, the mod received two content updates over the years: Chimera and Hidden Zone. Each update was released as a separate downloadable piece of content, having never been officially consolidated into a cohesive mod with the other content releases. However, a combined version created by fans is available to download.


The original release, titled Last Reaction and Water Bases, included two episodes that were purported to be episodes 5 and 6, respectively. The mod also introduced several new enemies, including scrapped enemies from LameDuke.

On February 5, 2001, an update for the mod was released with an all-new final episode, Chimera.

Upon the release of Chimera, Bernard said that he had lost his motivation to continue working on the mod, so he released it as-is. Years later, Mikko Sandt, a well-known map designer with his own Duke Nukem website, contacted Bernard and offered to finish development of the mod. Bernard agreed. Using assets provided by Bernard, Sandt created Hidden Zone, which was considered the eighth and final level of Chimera. Hidden Zone was released February 27, 2007.




Episode 5: Last Reaction

Last Reaction is comprised of some of Bernard's first attempts at map design. It was the first episode created for the mod and was released as part of the original 1999 total conversion. In the in-game menu, Last Reaction replaces Shrapnel City.

  1. Last Reaction
  2. Mortal Transition
  3. The Jungle Zone
  4. Khaki Space
  5. Lunar Factory
  6. New L.A.
  7. Old L.A. On Ice
  8. Launch Base
  9. Aliens'Detraining
  10. Great Stadium
  11. Hidden Base (secret level, accessible via Launch Base)

Episode 6: Water Bases

The level design in Water Bases is significantly different from Last Reaction, with a notable decrease in puzzle elements. Water Bases was the second episode created for the mod and was released as part of the original 1999 total conversion. In the in-game menu, Water Bases replaces Lunar Apocalypse.

  1. Aliens'Trap
  2. Somewhere Else...
  3. Green Harbour
  4. Crystal Mine
  5. The Gate To Atlantis
  6. Atlantis Underground
  7. Ace Of Clover
  8. Alienation
  9. A Tower In Space
  10. Back To L.A.
  11. Changing The Future?

Episode 7: Chimera

Chimera was added in 2001, more than a year after the original release. Bernard considered Chimera incomplete upon its release, but Sandt finished the mod in 2007 using assets provided by Bernard. In the in-game menu, Chimera replaces The Birth.

  1. Twilight For The Drones
  2. Frozen
  3. Green Crystals
  4. Mountain Labs
  5. Natural Carnage
  6. The Mother Base
  7. Big City Nights
  8. Hidden Zone (added in 2007)


Last Reaction and Water Bases was among the most popular Duke Nukem 3D mods of the 20th century and remains one of the most popular total conversions to this day. The mod has elicited strong praise from reviewers, who have frequently noted Bernard's evolution as a map designer from Last Reaction to Water Bases. Chimera, on the other hand, has elicited mixed reactions and remains relatively obscure.

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