Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, also known as Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour, is a 2016 special edition remake of Duke Nukem 3D, originally released in 1996. The remake includes all content from Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, but it adds new levels, enemies, a weapon, and several special features.

New levels

Alien World Order

Main Article: Alien World Order

The 20th Anniversary Edition includes a new fifth episode known as Alien World Order. The episode was designed by Allen H. Blum III and Richard “Levelord” Gray, both of whom designed all the levels in the original Duke Nukem 3D. The new levels include:

  1. High Times, based in Amsterdam
  2. Red Ruckus, based in Moscow
  3. Bloody Hell, based in London
  4. Mirage Barrage, based in Giza
  5. Tour de Nukem, based in Paris
  6. Golden Carnage, based in San Francisco
  7. Hollywood Inferno, based in Hollywood
  8. Prima Arena, a secret level based in Rome

Faces of Death

Main Article: Faces of Death

As a special bonus, the classic level Faces of Death can now be completed normally as a secret level in L.A. Meltdown. Faces of Death appeared as a Dukematch level in the classic Duke Nukem 3D, but it could also be reached during the singleplayer campaign by exploiting cheats and glitches. However, the level did not contain an exit button, so it could not be completed. In the 20th Anniversary Edition, a secret exit button is now accessible on The Abyss and will take the player directly to Faces of Death without requiring the use of cheats. Faces of Death also now includes an exit button, so it can be completed normally during solo playthroughs.

New enemies

Main Article: Enemies (DN3D)

The 20th Anniversary Edition includes four new enemies:

Firefly Trooper
Overlord Sentry
Cycloid Emperor
Cycloid Sentry
Inferno Cycloid Emperor
Cycloid Incinerator

New weapon

Main Article: Incinerator

The 20th Anniversary Edition features a new weapon known as the Incinerator. The Incinerator resembles the Freezethrower, but it launches fiery projectiles instead of ice. These fiery projectiles burn enemies and coalesce into pools of lava on the ground. The Incinerator shares the same number assignment as the Freezethrower, analogous to how the Shrinker shares a number assignment with the Expander.

The Incinerator was inspired by the Flamethrower that appeared in early prototypes but was scrapped before the 1996 release of Duke Nukem 3D.

New commentary

Main Article: 20th Anniversary Developer Commentary

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The 20th Anniversary Edition features developer commentary by Randy Pitchford, Allen H. Blum III, Richard "Levelord" Gray, Keith Schuler, and Roger Kort. In total, there are 206 snippets of audio commentary scattered throughout the levels. There is an option in the game that allows the player to toggle the commentary on or off.

New engine

A team of programmers led by Roger Kort updated the Build engine to allow for fully 3D rendering, comparable to modern first-person shooters. An option in the game allows for toggling between the classic and modern renderers.

New audio

As a special perk for the 20th Anniversary Edition, Duke's one-liners have been re-recorded by voice actor Jon St. John, and some of the sound effects have been updated.

New rewind feature

Upon dying, a new playback feature has been added to the game that allows the player to scroll through a moment-by-moment replay of their performance on the level. The player is then able to choose any scene from the playback reel and rewind to that point. This allows the player to resume from the middle of a level without relying on manually saved games. An option in the game allows the player to toggle this feature on or off.

The rewind feature is automatically disabled if the player uses cheat codes, and it remains disabled even after any cheat codes are turned off. The rewind feature is only re-enabled once all cheat codes have been turned off and the player has either reached the next level or restarted the current level.

New software bugs

The 20th Anniversary Edition contains a few known software bugs not found in other versions of Duke Nukem 3D:

  • If a Shark is frozen using the Freezethrower, then it becomes invincible, even after it is unfrozen.
  • If a boss (e.g., the Overlord) or mini-boss (e.g., an Overlord Sentry) is reduced to zero health using the Incinerator, then it becomes invincible.
  • If an enemy is eaten by a Protozoid Slimer, then that enemy will count towards the "Enemies Remaining" statistic instead of the "Enemies Killed" statistic on the level-end screen.
  • If cheat codes are used to turn off enemies and subsequently turn them back on, then enemy corpses will have collision boxes as though they are still alive, creating invisible obstacles.
  • The Cycloid Incinerator will fire its flamethrower from a long-range distance, even though its flamethrower is a short-range weapon. This may be a bug with the AI, or it may be that the developers gave the Cycloid Incinerator the Firefly Troopers' flamethrower as a temporary placeholder during playtesting and neglected to update it.
  • When approaching the Battlelord's spaceship on The Abyss, the audio clip associated with the humming ambiance of the spaceship does not loop correctly and results in a memory leak. Slightly before the audio clip finishes playing, the next audio clip in the loop will begin playing simultaneously. Eventually, numerous audio clips can be heard playing simultaneously, producing a loud roar. This can drastically reduce the game's frame rate and even cause the game to crash.
  • Because the auto-aim feature now affects the "use" action, some switches and Access Card panels are difficult to use while the auto-aim feature is enabled. In the developer commentary, Allen Blum tells Roger Kort that the bug impacted his approach to level design for Alien World Order. In particular, he was forced to use a "shootable" switch on the boat on Golden Carnage because he could not get other types of switches to work in that location. (NOTE: The auto-aim feature can be disabled in the in-game menu.)

Other bugs were corrected with a patch released November 2, 2016 (see patch notes).

Continuing into the 2020s, Gearbox Software still maintains an online submission form for reporting bugs and other technical issues with the game, though no patch notes have been released since 2016 (link to submission form).

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