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Duke Nukem for the Game Boy Color is a Game Boy Color port of Duke Nukem II. The port is significantly different from the original game. In the Game Boy Color version, the Rigelatins have been replaced with the "Zorgonites," and the levels, weapons, items, enemies, and bosses are almost completely different.



The names of first and second bosses were made unofficially. The Zorgonite Commander an the Zorgonite Emperor are the only bosses to have their names valid.


  • Shotgun: Duke's default weapon, with an infinite supply of ammo, medium power, and slow rate of fire
  • Machine Gun: a rapid-fire weapon, otherwise similar to the Shotgun
  • Stun Gun: a harmless weapon that freezes enemies for three seconds
  • Grenade Launcher: a weapon that fires shells which may randomly bounce and explode after a few seconds
  • Rocket Launcher: a powerful weapon that fires long-range, high-damage munitions
  • Flamethrower: a powerful weapon that sprays fire
  • Stationary Machine Gun: a large, rapid-fire machine gun that is mounted to the ground


  • Steam Vents
  • Wall Turret
  • Falling
  • Ground Turret
  • Wall Laser
  • Para-Bomb


While Duke Nukem is taking part in an interview of his latest book, the Zorgonites abruptly abduct him in order to implant his brain into a war machine to conquer Earth.


The left and right on the control-pad moves duke forwards and backwards respectively. The down control pad does a variety of roles: crouching down, looking down, droping down from a hanging position and to go down a ladder. The Up control pad, similarly, does these roles: looking up, climbing up a ladder, crawling up from a hanging position and using an access card if near a cardkey slot. The other action buttons in the game are the A button, which enables the player to jump, and B is, of course, for shooting Duke's weapon he is holding.

The select function is where the game is paused while Duke is able to select a variety of weapons collected. The Start button simply pauses the game.


  • Like in Duke Nukem II, Duke escapes from his cell by using his explodo-molar.
  • While he was promoting his book "Why I'm So Great" in Duke Nukem II, in the Gameboy Color game he is just doing an interview.
  • The City where Duke is being interviewed is Nerola City.
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