Duke Nukem: Man of Valor (also known as Duke Nukem: D-Day) is a cancelled third-person shooter video game developed by n-Space for the PlayStation 2.


After the success of Duke Nukem: Time To Kill on the PlayStation, 3D Realms quickly signed a deal for another third-person Duke Nukem game, this time with Rockstar Games and Gathering of Developers, who intended to publish the game on a then unnamed next generation console, later revealed to be the PlayStation 2. The deal was inked in 1999, and Rockstar hoped to have the game out in 2000. Eventually, the information leaked that the game was called Duke Nukem: D-Day. It has also been referred to by an alternate title, Duke Nukem: Man of Valor.


Duke Nukem: D-Day was in production for four years, having started development in 1999 and being cancelled in 2003. It is said that n-Space experienced considerable difficulties working with the notoriously developer-unfriendly PlayStation 2. The Apogee/3D Realms FAQ refers to the game as being cancelled for “lack of sufficient progress.”

There is some residual confusion as to what D-Day was, with some convinced that it was a PS2 port of the Unreal engine driven Duke Nukem Forever, but it was most certainly another third person shooter, developed by n-Space, who had developed Duke Nukem: Time to Kill and Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes.

George Broussard described the game on the 3D Realms forums;

“It was a PS2 game where Duke went back in time and was a key factor in all the major WW2 events, and helped turn the tide. Of course it was a kind of alternate reality and there were alien Nazi’s. I wish that game had worked out because it would have been among the very first WW2 games to come out, before you saw one in a week.”