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Duke Nukem: Man of Valor, also known as Duke Nukem: D-Day, is a canceled third-person shooter video game that was being developed by n-Space for the PlayStation 2. It began development in 1999 and was canceled in 2003.



After their success with Duke Nukem: Time To Kill on the PlayStation, n-Space won another contract with 3D Realms for a new Duke Nukem game. In 1999, the deal was co-signed with publishers Rockstar Games and Gathering of Developers, who expected the game to be finished in 2000 for publication on the PlayStation 2. The game was variously referred to as Duke Nukem: Man of Valor and Duke Nukem: D-Day in official press releases. Development of the game began in 1999.


Duke Nukem: Man of Valor was in development for over four years before it was canceled in 2003. Although it was rumored to have failed because of difficulties with the developer-unfriendly PlayStation 2, the official 3D Realms FAQ cited a “lack of sufficient progress” as the official reason for termination.


In a retrospective forum post following the game's cancellation, George Broussard described the game as follows:

“It was a PS2 game where Duke went back in time and was a key factor in all the major WW2 events, and helped turn the tide. Of course it was a kind of alternate reality and there were alien Nazi’s. I wish that game had worked out because it would have been among the very first WW2 games to come out, before you saw one in a week.”