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Duke Nukem's Titty City is the tenth chapter of Duke Nukem Forever.


After Duke regains consciousness following his battle with the Alien Queen, he finds himself inside a strip bar. A sex worker begins flirting with Duke, but as part of a "roleplay," she tells him that he needs to find a few items for her before she will give him a lap dance. Duke agrees and explores his strip club. When Duke collects all of the items and makes his way to the Champagne Room, the sex worker then gives him a private show, and the chapter ends.

Secret code

The back office on this level can be unlocked using the code: 4768.

Ego boosts

There are six new ego boosts on this level that cannot be found on any previous level:

  1. Main stage: Request a special dance from a stripper on the main stage. This is done by pressing the "use" button once the stripper reaches the end of the platform. (+1 Ego)
  2. Glory hole: Use the glory hole in the bathroom stall. (+2 Ego)
  3. Alien Abortion: Score at least 850 points on the "Alien Abortion" arcade machine. (+1 Ego)
  4. Air Hockey: Score seven points before your opponent. (+1 Ego)
  5. Poker: Win a hand of virtual poker. (+1 Ego)
  6. DVD: Play the pornographic DVD in the back office, unlocked using the code: 4768. (+1 Ego)


There are four voicemails on this level. These are four of the 14 voicemails that must be collected throughout the game in order to unlock the "Call Waiting" achievement:

  1. On the desk at the start of the level
  2. Up the stairs near the door with an "EXIT" sign above it, on the desk beside a security terminal
  3. Inside the back office, unlocked using the code: 4768
  4. Near the end of the level, on the reception desk


Easter eggs

2011-06-28 00055

Easter egg in the bathroom stall

  • In the locked stall with the glory hole next to it, if you jump, you can catch a brief glimpse of the person sitting inside, who appears to be male. This stall remains shut the entire time, so it's very likely that he is the one currently servicing the hole users. However, if jumped high enough or if you had the cheats enabled before the game was patched, you could enter no clipping mode and see that there is a Titty City stripper crouching by the glory hole showing that the stripper was servicing the man in the stall and also services anyone who uses the glory hole.
  • If you open the "Exit" door and go out back you will find an infinitely spinning totem on the desk. There is a phone next to it that only says "Tonight... you". This is likely a reference to the 2010 movie Inception.
  • In the leaked script, the prostitute is Bombshell.
  • The words "THEY LIVE / WE SLEEP" which can be found scribbled on the back wall of a toilet stall are a reference to the 1988 film They Live.
  • When interacting with any of the dysfunctional ATMs that are found throughout the level twice, the phrase "Feed me a stray cat" is displayed,the which is taken from the 2000 film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' 1991 novel American Psycho.
  • The word "REDRUM" can be found on one of the walls. This plays tribute towards Stephen King's novel The Shining in which the telepathic boy Danny writes this word on a door. "REDRUM" is the word "murder" spelled backwards.
  • Duke will say "Body Massage!" after grabbing a vibrator. On other levels, Duke will sometimes utter "Porkchop Sandwiches!" after killing a Pig Cop. Both are quotes from Fenslerfilm's G.I. Joe PSA parodies.
  • On the table next to the security camera viewscreen, the spinning top from Inception is permanently spinning around, indicating that Duke is dreaming.
  • In the level's intro, the stripper mentions that if Duke follows orders, there will be "a lap dance... and cake". The latter being a reference to Portal.
  • In the level "Duke Nukem's Titty City", a man is found wearing a t-shirt with a printed wrench on it. This picture is directly taken from the wrench kills achievement from Prey, another of 3D Realms' games.
  • In the "Champagne Room," the player can explore the closed rooms. In one of the rooms, there looks to have been a crazy party. On the chair is a wrench from The Hangover, when Stu pulls off his tooth.
  • If one of the cash dispensers is used twice, the sentence "Feed me a stray cat" will be shown. This is a reference to the movie American Psycho.
  • Next to the spinning top there is an answering machine. If activated, it will say, "tonight... you," which is a reference to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Hand Banana", where the title character's famous quote was "tonight... you."
  • In one of the restrooms is an exit door, over it is written "open dusk till dawn". This is a reference to the movie From Dusk Till Dawn.
  • Near the glory hole there is writing on the wall "they live, we sleep." They Live is the movie where the quote "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum." came from.
  • When first encountering the girl who says "Three days before I get married, I meet Duke.", the guy who is standing next to her looks similar to Ray Stevenson in Punisher: Warzone.
  • On the restroom wall above a urinal, you can see written "JENNY 867-5309", a reference to Tommy Tutone from the 80's, as seen on the bathroom wall in Duke Nukem 3D.
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