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Duke Nukem's Penthouse Paradise is an official add-on level for Duke Nukem 3D, jointly published by Penthouse Magazine and GT Interactive. It is free to download and can be played with either the original version of Duke Nukem 3D or the Atomic Edition. It was conceptualized and developed by Jeffrey D. Erb and Mark Farish of Intersphere Communications. It was released on May 1, 1997 on GT Interactive's and Penthouse Magazine's respective websites.

Penthouse Paradise is the only official add-on for Duke Nukem 3D that is available for free.


The original game file was accompanied by a text file called “penthous.txt”, that has the following description:

The Duke Nukem 3D Penthouse Paradise level chronicles the little talked about R&R period for Duke Nukem between the original Duke Nukem 3D Game and the Duke Nukem 3D: Plutonium Pak, the expansion addition.

Inquiring minds and the tabloids have been dying (and not by Duke's hands) to find out what happened to our intergalactic hero when he went for "...a little R&R." Finally, this shocking level reveals all!

While Duke was trying to establish a little "beach-head," the Aliens have dropped in to break up his fun in the sun and spoil a couple of Penthouse photo shoots to boot. It's up to our man, Duke Nukem, to save the day - again.

With no time to play with his favorite "Pets" or work on his tan, Duke Nukem says, "Somebody's gonna friggin' pay for screwin' up my vacation!"

Will Duke save the day, the shoots, and finally get that babe, a stogie and a bottle of Jack? It's up to you to find out!”

New content[]

This add-on features new in-game assets not found in the base game:

  • Two new music tracks composed by the American band [needle] called "needle.wav" and "needle2.wav" in the game files
  • Thirteen nude Penthouse Magazine models, known as "Penthouse Pets" in the accompanying penthous.txt file
  • Various in-game TV screens, magazines, and other media featuring adult models

Enemies featured[]

Hint: The Battlelord Sentry serves as a boss for this add-on. It appears at the end of the level, but you don't have to kill him, just pass by him. The button to end the level will appear hidden inside of the pool from where you found him.

Weapons featured[]

Items featured[]


  1. At the beginning of the level, jump to the top of the waterfall and go through the water. Reward: RPG and Atomic Health.
  2. In the Forbidden Videos and Books store, use the shelf behind the glass and register. Reward: Holoduke and RPG.
  3. In the Strip Club, use the middle of the red curtain, it will open a secret passage to a hidden room. Reward: Atomic Health and ammo for the RPG.
  4. In the entrance of the office building, press the button behind the counter to open the locked door. Reward: Ripper ammo and Small Medkit.

There are also three other secret passages that are not counted as secrets:

  1. In the office labeled "Five-0", press the two buttons on the desks to unlock the safe. Reward: Jetpack and Portable Medkit.
  2. In the Penthouse office, go to the room labeled "STAGE 17B" and open the grey locker on the wall. Reward: Portable Medkit.
  3. Inside the fountain just after the office building. Reward: Shotgun, Ripper and Small Medkit. The cave also leads to the beginning of the level.

Notes and easter eggs[]

  • In the cinema, use a Jetpack to go to the projector room and press the button on the wall. A secret passage will open near the cinema screen revealing a hidden room. In this hidden room, there is a message from the developer on the wall and a security monitor where you can see something interesting.
  • You can find two advertisements for the game (upcoming at the time) Shadow Warrior. One on a rotating sign in the town, and the other in the Penthouse office.
  • Near the Penthouse office, there’s a GT Interactive office closed with a sign which states: “Out to lunch”.
  • (Spoiler!) In the hotel, there’s a room with one of the adult models on the bed. When you enter the room for the first time, she will recognize Duke and say in a suggestive voice “Aww, come back to bed, Duke!”
  • One of the new sprites added is a boat with a young couple on it that can be seen in the sea at the beginning of the level. This is one of the few occasions in the Duke Nukem series, prior to Duke Nukem Forever, where Duke Nukem met another adult man. Normally, the aliens quickly kill or morph all the adult men because they're useless for breeding to the aliens.
  • (Spoiler!) When you approach one of the adult models by the pool at the end of the level, she will say "Hi! Do you wanna take a picture with me?". This is the same voice used by the "annoying mice" in the level Babe Land.
  • The particular copy of Penthouse Magazine featured in various locations throughout the level is the May 1997 issue.
  • The charter boat located at the beginning of the level (the S.S. Minnow) is a reference to the 1964 sitcom Gilligan's Island.


New art[]



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