Duke It's Zero Hour is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D (for version 1.3d of Duke Nukem 3D, as well as Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition). It was created by ZeroHour Software (now defunct) and released on November 6th, 1997. It features new levels, new weapons, new enemies, new music, and a new boss.

Should be noted, this mod features much original content in comparison to other unauthorised add-ons. According to a rumor, Duke It's Zero Hour was originally going to be published by WizardWorks and released as a retail add-on. After a year of work on the mod, however, it was released as a free download instead for unknown reasons. There are no credible sources of this information, though.

New FeaturesEdit


(The Microwave Expander does not have a sprite when selected in Duke It's Zero Hour.)


  • Servant
  • Warrior
  • Giant Spider
  • Screamer
  • Heat Sensing Mine
  • The Sentinel
  • RPG Borg
  • Stalker Borg
  • Assault Borg
  • STEALTH Buzzsaw Drone
  • Mini-Mech Boss
  • Mech Boss

Episode 1: And So It BeginsEdit

  • The Granite Fortress
  • The Rec Center
  • Ancient Realms...Part 1
  • Ancient Realms...Part 2
  • The Laboratory
  • Night Streets
  • Into the City
  • Oasis City...Part 1
  • Oasis City...Part 2
  • Oasis City...Part 3
  • Balls of Steel

(There are no other episodes in Duke It's Zero Hour.)


Founder (ZeroHour Software): Bill Tatton

PR: Bill Tatton

Level Designers: Bill Tatton (The Granite Fortress, The Rec Center, The Ancient Realms...Part 2, Night Streets, Into the City), Shane Campa (The Ancient Realms...Part 1, Oasis City...Part 1, Oasis City...Part 2, Oasis City...Part 3, Balls of Steel), Pierre-Olivier Clement (The Laboratory)

Programmer: Pierre-Olivier Clement

Enemy Designer: Pierre-Olivier Clement

Music Composers: Bill Tatton (Jeana.mid, darkness.mid), Shane Campa (midnight.mid), Pierre-Olivier Clement (cyber1.mid), Joe Lema (joe2.mid, joe3.mid, head.mid, nin.mid, new.mid, eyes.mid, dreams.mid)

Sound Effects: Joe Lema

Website: Joe Lema

Special Thanks: 3D Realms, Brad Wernicke (support), Charlie Raymond (tested five of the levels), Hyrum Tatton

Credits information source: zReadme text file included with Duke It's Zero Hour.

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