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Official Duke Hard movie poster

Duke Hard is a mod and user-made episode for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition.

Inspired by the movie Die Hard, the episode consists of 17 levels by 15 different map designers and progresses from the lobby to the rooftop of a skyscraper. Each level is confined to its own floor of the building, and although each floor features a different theme, various design constraints ensure a certain degree of consistency throughout the episode.


1. Lobby by MetHy
2. Executive by Steambull
3. Construction Destruction by Cage
4. Bits by Mikko Sandt
5. Abstractech by Crisp
6. CEO Bathhouse by James Stanfield
7. Storage Wars by Stumpy
8. Eat The Rich by Forge
9. Commercial Break by Aymeric "MRCK" Nocus
10. Cinematic Lounge by Taivo Maripuu
11. Flesh by Dukebot
12. Poormann's Library by High Treason
13. Showcase by Paul B.
14. Legal Joint by Daedolon
15. Power Out by Mister Sinister
16. Parking by MetHy
17. Rooftop by MetHy

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